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“It is of upmost importance that, as trainers, we are responsible for our own actions. We must understand why we do something, what our motive is and what we are trying to achieve. We must understand the horse, the student and what motivates them both.”

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If your dream is to become a horsemanship professional who uses their wealth of knowledge and experience to enrich the lives of others, Lynn Henry's Think Like a Pony instructor programme is for you.

The programme is a life-changing course that is tailored to suit those who wish to make a difference to the lives of people and horses. No matter what equestrian experience you already have, by training with Lynn Henry, you can develop your horsemanship skills to a professional level.

Whether your niche becomes:

  • pony or horse training;
  • teaching children to ride;
  • empowering children with special needs or disadvantages;
  • teaching adults a foundation level of training; or
  • setting up your own centre…

Through Lynn’s philosophy of ‘education through inspiration’, your dreams could become a reality.

The programme will not only offer you a unique opportunity to develop your skill set. Upon qualification, you will become part of a team of instructors who will support you as you make your first step forwards as a Think Like a Pony Instructor. Additionally, you will gain access to a wealth of educational resources that you can use to run Think Like a Pony days, workshops, interactive talks or even set up your own centre.

"Becoming a Think Like a Pony instructor has not just given me the tools, skills, confidence and self-belief to make tremendous improvements to my own horsemanship and teaching, but has also had a huge positive impact on my everyday life for which I will be forever grateful to Lynn.

I arrived at Lynn's in the very early days of Think Like a Pony as a strong character with lots of ideas, goals, desires and drive, but very little self-belief or confidence in my own ability. I knew what I wanted to achieve but I had no real solid plan on how to make it all happen. With the continuing professional and personal support from Lynn and the Think Like a Pony team I am now living out my dream as a Think Like a Pony Instructor!

The biggest lessons I've taken from all of my training with Lynn have all been lessons about myself. As once you open your heart, learn to listen, work with honesty, integrity, respect, trust, empathy and consistency, horsemanship becomes simple!

I would like to take this opportunity to say 'Thank you' to Lynn, firstly because absolutely everyone I work with and help falls totally in love the Think Like a Pony approach making going to work a joy for me, but mostly because the people in 'everyday life' are now experiencing a more fulfilled and better version of me! 

I've never looked back since starting my 'Think Like a Pony journey', it's changed my outlook and my life for the better!"

Emma Shirley - Think Like a Pony Instructor

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