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“Horsemanship is a science but what makes it an art is the ‘heart’ that is put into it.”

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Welcome to Lynn Henry's Website

Lynn Henry teaches the foundation of horsemanship skills that every rider needs to achieve balance, harmony and success with their horse. Best known for founding the ‘Think Like a Pony’ organisation, Lynn is a specialist in teaching children but also educates adults to a professional level and is a successful horse trainer in her own right.

Through purifying horsemanship to ‘simply communication’, Lynn guides the learning of her students and helps to break down the communication barriers between horse and rider that can stand in the way of success, well-being or even safety.

As a gifted teacher who values each student as an individual, Lynn helps to build the riders confidence, understanding and empathy with the horse. Through this, building a language with the horse becomes easy and goals are achievable through simple training plans.

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